VALS semester of code

Semester of Code 

Project offers from prospective mentors


When a prospective mentor decides to offer you the project based on your proposal, you should receive an email asking you to login to the system and take action. You can access your offers by navigating to your dashboard and clicking Manage your project offers.

Here you should see any offers you have received. Clicking the link under the 'Project' column will bring up the project idea and your proposal details you submitted for you to review.

To accept an offer, click the star icon under the 'Accept' column for that particular offer.

Note: by doing this you acknowledge that this is the project you are going to undertake on the Semester of code and you cannot change your mind and select another one later.

If there is more than one project offer shown then any other offers now become 'rejected' meaning that the mentor can decide to offer another student the project.

You should now be shown a confirmation screen (similar to the screenshot above).

You can now optionally work on an agreement declaration between you, your supervisor and your mentor. As this is optional however you should discuss between the other parties involved if it is needed. The idea is that in this document you can summarize your workplan, milestones, (virtual) meeting appointments and agreed modifications to your proposal or to the original project idea. As sometimes, most of this is covered in the proposal or informal agreements already, it is optional, but it can be handy as an online reminder note for all involved parties easily to retrieve.