VALS semester of code

Semester of Code 

Writing a proposal


Once you have selected one or more project ideas that you are interested in (and optionally bookmarked them), you should start to write a proposal for at least one of them.

(Note: It is a good idea to submit more than one proposal to maximise your chances in case the first one is taken by another student)

To start creating your proposal you can either click the icon at the end of the row in the projects list view...

or by clicking 'create proposal for this project' in the project details dialog...

Once you have clicked either link, a form should appear asking you to fill out some information.

Before you save your proposal it is worth noting that there are three different ways to do so. Notice the four buttons at the bottom.

  1. Save as private draft
    This will save your proposal and means that only you and your current supervisor can see it. Use this method in the early stages of creating a proposal, but consider moving to the next choice as soon as possible. The owner of the project idea this proposal is intended for cannot see it and so cannot provide feedback. You can still make changes to it.
  2. Save as open draft
    This will save your proposal enabling you, your current supervisor and also the project ideas mentor to see it. Saving with this method allows the project mentor to access your proposal and provide feedback and possible improvements. You can still make changes to it, however you cannot go back to the private draft mode.
  3. Submit final proposal
    This will save your proposal in its final state, meaning you can no longer make changes to it. Use this button once you have carefully reviewed your proposal with your supervisor and ideally after having received feedback from the project mentor.
  4. Cancel this form
    This will dismiss this form without saving any changes.

You can return to any proposals you have created and saved, by clicking on your 'dashboard' and choosing the 'proposals' link.