VALS semester of code

Semester of Code 

Accepted projects you are supervising

Once one of your students has accepted a mentors project offer, he/she is recorded in the system as now taking that project during the Semester of code. You should be notified by email that a student has accepted a mentors offer. To access your students' accepted projects use the My accepted projects link.

You should then see a list of your students.

Click the info icon for a particular student to open the resources for that student's project.

Here there are two options.

The Project agreement link is a simple form designed to allow you, the student and the mentor to specify any additional information regarding the project work to be undertaken, such as milestones and delivery dates. (Note - this is optional. You should discuss this with the mentor to see if it is required or not)

The Project details link opens a tabbed view of the project within a dialog. The dialog window contains six tabs.