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Semester of Code 

How to invite/enroll students

To invite students related to your Institution, you need to first create a group and then invite students to this group. This group can represent students of a course, of one faculty or department. Alternatively your group can simply represent all the students from your university. You can have one or more groups, simply use this feature as you need.

To create the group navigate to your Dashboard and click on the Groups link. If this is the first time you are creating a group, then there should be a blue 'add' button shown at the top right corner.

You will need to fill the different fields of the form (name of the group and optionally a description of the group).

Once you have created the group, if you navigate to Dashboard then Groups you will see a page similar to previously explained for the invitation of institute admins and academic supervisors. Within this page you will see the code (normally 9 characters) that students will need when they register in the platform and a button to send them an email with the registration instructions if you want to do it that way.