VALS semester of code

Semester of Code 

Proposal status and making the student an offer


When you have received a proposal for one of your project ideas, you have a few options on which course of action to take. As described here in the workflow section, you can optionally either...

Accepting a particular proposal as your interim choice lets both the student and his/her supervisor know that their proposal is the best one suited at the present time, while showing other students that their proposal may need to be revisited/amended in order for you to choose it instead. (Note: you could also do this via the comments facility).

Accepting a particular proposal as your final choice means that you are making this student an 'offer'. The student is emailed to let them know that you have chosen their proposal. The student must then login into the system and 'accept' it. While waiting for the student to accept it, you will be unable to change the offer to another student's proposal. If the student accepts the offer, all other proposals are archived and this student now is taking your project idea for the Semester of Code. If the student chooses an offer different from yours, then your 'offer' will be retracted and you will be able to offer the project idea to another student instead. You will be informed of the outcome by email, so you will be notified when to take action.

If you decide to reject a proposal, you should add some comments on the reasons why.

To navigate to a particular students proposal you wish to take action on, browse to a proposal as explained here and open the proposal detail.

Click the 'status' tab from the proposal detail dialog to choose how you judge the proposal at present.