VALS semester of code

Semester of Code 

Browsing proposals made by students


As students start to write proposals, you will be sent email messages to let you know each time a new one has been added or modified. To view the proposal you should navigate to the dashboard and choose the 'Manage submitted proposals' link.

For each of your project ideas there should be a entry shown, which shows how many proposals have been submitted for it. If there are more than zero proposals for a given project idea, there will be an info icon you can click to list the proposals made by each student.

Click on the info icon under the 'view' column. Now you should see the proposals listed and from whom. Note: if a students proposal is marked as 'Draft' you will not yet be able to view it.

To open and view a students' proposal click the info icon for that entry under the 'proposal details' column.

A dialog window should appear containing six tabs.