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Adding a project idea


Both mentors and organisation administrators want to add in some possible project ideas for students after registration.

To do this you should navigate to your dashboard and click the Manage my project ideas link.

If this is the first time you are creating a project idea, you should be directed to the add new project form automatically.

You will need to enter the following details...

When you are finished click 'save'. You should be directed to a tabbed overview page, where you should see a system message to say that the project was successfully added. Each time you add a project idea and click 'save' you will be directed back to this overview page. Each project idea you add, will appear as a a single tab. You can add another project idea by clicking in the 'add' tab found at the right-hand side. clicking on a particular tab will show you the overview for it, as well as 2 buttons which allow you to edit the project idea or delete it.

You may also notice two links above the tabs - 'Show all' and 'Show only mine'. Selecting 'Show all' allows you to view all the other project ideas from your organisation. (You can't edit or delete them however, unless you are the owner/creator).

Additionally, if you select an existing project idea that you have created and click 'edit', you can also assign this project to another mentor from your organisation.