VALS semester of code

Semester of Code 

Roles and accounts

User Accounts

Some portions and features of the website are available only to those actively participating in the program in some capacity. Registration can only be made by obtaining the correct code (depending on your role and scope of that role) and is not open to everyone by default. These codes can be obtained from the JISC mailing list, or a project partner if you are an organisation or institution. If you are a student, then your supervisor will send you the correct code. Generally you can use any email address when registering. All email communication from the system will be sent to the address you specify during registration. Once registered you should be sent a one time activation link, where you can go to and set your password.


Your profile type on the website will be determined by the role with which you participate in the program. The roles within the system are very similar to the Google Summer of Codes ones, except we also have additional roles for the academic side. The roles are explained below.

Information and website features will be accessible or inaccessible in part depending on your role.

What you see on the site changes depending on the active phase of VALS Semester of Code and on your role in the program. If you don't see what you expect to see, take a moment to: