VALS semester of code

Semester of Code 

Registration Help for academic administrators


Note: You must first obtain a code to register yourself in the system. If you do not yet have one, you must request one from one of the project partners directly or by using the the mailing list here.

Additionally please ensure that someone else has not already registered from your institution otherwise you may end up creating a duplicate institution in the system. You can check by looking at the current list of institutes on the front page.

How to register your university / HE institution in the Semester of Code Virtual Placement System

Navigate to the Semester of Code VPS ( and click on Create new account at the bottom lefthand side of the screen.

Fill the information fields of the form with the data and information about your University / HE Institution. In the field Type the key you got in the invitation, use the key you were sent. Once you have submitted the form, you should receive an email containing an activation link. Copy the link into a browser, where you will be asked to set your password.

When you have registered the account for your University / HE Institution, you only need to complete one more step to create the public profile for your University.

Go to the 'Navigation' menu in the left of the website, and click on Dashboard.

You should now see a view with several options including My institution, Groups, Members of my institution, and Review projects ideas.

Click on the My institution link and you should see the following form...

Fill out this form to create the public profile for your institution. Once completed it should appear on the Institutes link on the websites front page.