VALS semester of code

Semester of Code 

Welcome to VALS Semester of code


The Semester of Code (SoC) is an initiative of the European VALS project, which allows computer science students to address real business problems raised by companies and OSS Foundations, and get rewarded for resolving them (with academic credits mostly) There are three main stakeholders in this project:

  1. Universities, who want to offer authentic teaching and assessment opportunities using current industry best practices.
  2. Students, who want to obtain, next to possible ECTS-points, relevant experience and contacts in the industry which they can use to help start their career after graduation.
  3. Employers, who are seeking graduates with real-world programming experience and related soft skills such as communicating in distributed project teams and working with contemporary development tools and practices.

VALS Project creates the Semester of Code, bringing together Academic Supervisors from Higher Education (HE), mentors, the primary responsables for the participating projects of enterprises and foundations, and students. These stakeholders work together in a virtual placement that allows to raise problems and track the resolving process.